Chic Alert Mediacl ID

Chic Alert Mediacl ID
Identify Yourself in Style

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chic Alert Medical ID attends the American Diabetes Association
Los Angeles Diabetes Expo
Saturday May 4th, 2013
LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

"The Mother Love Show" Part 2, Interview with Kate E Ward

Kate Ward continues to chat with the Fabulous Mother Love in the second part of this LA Talk Radio Interview.  In part two, Kate discusses how she took her bad diagonisis of being diabetic and turned it into something positive by starting her own line of Fashionable Medical ID Jewelry.  Kate enpowers others like her that are living with a medical condition to take charge of their life and health and get smart about wearing medical ID jewelry.  Now that there is a fashionable option, there really are no more excuses!  Identify yourself in Style!

Kate chats with "The Mother Love Show" about living with Type 1 Diabetes, Interview part 1

Kate Ward, Chic Alert Medical ID's founder and CEO chats with the Fabulous Mother Love on LA Talk Radio's "The Mother Love Show".  The two of them had a lot to discuss since they both live with Diabetes.  In Part 1 of the interview, Kate talks about her diagnosis with type 1 diabetes, living with the disease, and Chic Alert Medical ID, her brand new line of Fashionable Medical ID jewelry for Stylish men and women, available at