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Chic Alert Mediacl ID
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Finally a Fashionable Medical ID Bracelet

Over the years Medical ID Bracelets have gotten a bad rap in the medical community.  They have had a reputation of being ugly, sterile and un-fashionable…down right unwearable and hideous.  A piece of Medical jewelry that your doctor told you to wear; when worn puts a stigma on you making you feel worse about yourself and your medical condition.  Many patients have resorted to getting tattoos which identify their medical condition.  The tattoo, like a medical ID bracelet can communicate the patient’s vital medical information so they can be properly cared for and in a timely manner. 

Chic Alert Medical ID is here to change that by offering truly fashionable on-trend ID jewelry.  Allowing the wearer to feel confident that they will be properly cared for in a medical emergency, but while doing it in style!  Chic Alert Medical ID believes that Medical ID bracelets can be fashionable while still serving its purpose.  Medical ID Bracelets for Women and Medical ID Bracelet for Men are available in a wide variety of styles from Chic Alert Medical ID.  Styles are also available for children…coming in a vast array of colors, materials and sizes.
Chic Alert Medical ID is passionate about providing all of those living with a medical condition a jewelry line that is fashion forward, trendy and cool, while at the same time serving as their lifeline in case of a Medical emergency.  Medical ID Bracelets for Women include fashionable styles in Stainless Steel, 14K gold Plated Stainless Steel, Costume Fashion pieces, Leather, Paracord, Bangles, Silicone and Athletic Straps.  Chic Alert Medical ID also has a great collection of Medical Alert Necklaces and Accessories for women.  While Medical ID Bracelets for Men include Stainless Steel and 14K gold plated Stainless Steel Chain ID Bracelets, Silicone, Paracord, Athletic Strap and Leather; another great item for Men is the Chic Alert Medical ID Key Chain, which is great for men who don’t like to wear jewelry.  With so many options there are no more excuses not to be wearing a medical ID bracelet saying that it is too ugly.  Chic Alert Medical ID’s fashionable and stylish options will have you re-thinking that tattoo and stigma.  Making you feel confident in your ID bracelet.  Live your life well in ID jewelry you can feel good about.

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