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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

70's Bag

The decade of the 1970’s gave the world many “Hip” and “Groovy” things. Unfortunately, the 70’s also brought us the mass introduction of the unsustainable and unappealing one-use plastic shopping bag.

While innovation and convenience are most of the time beautiful things, it’s important to consider the impact “progress” can make on the world around us.

Sometimes we only have to look back in time to rediscover the best things from the past can help us solve the challenges we face today.

The plastic bag handed out for free is a global hot topic lately as they are proven to cause environmental damage and clutter our beautiful earth. In cities and nations around the world, proactive groups have already started banning the plastic bag from society. This brought me to my idea: The 70’s Bag!

When I was a child, my grandmother gave me her foldable shopping bag from the 1970’s, and this bag later became my inspiration to start the Bring Bag Revolution with my own foldable 70’s BAG.

The idea and the advantages have not changed through time. 70’s BAG is a strong, easy to carry shopper that affords stylish convenience. By carrying the small zippered pouch in your handbag or briefcase, you will always have an “extra” bag with you. 70’s BAG is a charming present and an appreciated gift, because of the affordable price and fashionable designs.

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